terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2018

Swimwear Dreslily

Hi, girls, today I come to share with you some good beach items, or just for those who just like the pool, Dresslily.. Check it out:

The variety of items in this beach environment is enormous, and there is always something new in fashion. And the cool thing is that most of the items, you can also add it in your day to day, next to your looks .. too is not it?

This black lace kimono is an example of this .. look great in jeans, both in shorts and jeans, even a skirt, it's perfect! So you get stylish on the beach or pool, and also with your daily looks. Love!

Look at that bikini that is beautiful, the top of the bra goes a lot in that fashion of the transparent tops, which are making the woman's head .. and now you can already wear it up on the beach. Amazing! I loved this version, and I sure as already want one for me, and for yesterday .. because I need it!
View more to check out many other super cute models.

This other model is a very beautiful beach or pool exit. It has all this transparency, which leaves a special charm in the piece. So you get all stylish also at the beach or pool. Love it too much!!! The versatility is enormous, and the models available are amazing, because the variety is huge.

It is very worth to spend on Dresslily, because the site is very beautiful, at a very good price, which is impossible to resist .. I am delighted with the variety of the brand, with the sizes and colors available ..
The prints, the fabrics .. the pieces in general have a super wonderful quality, which I use and highly recommend .. my pieces practically walk alone already!


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  1. Nossa que lindos, só não usaria esse sutiã branco, essa flor, achei esquisita.
    Quero, amei <3

    Beijinhos =*


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