terça-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2018

Adult and Child BeachWear - Zaful

Hi, girls, today I come to share with you some children's and adult beachwear from Zaful ...
Yes, Zaful also has children's items, including bikinis, swimsuits and so on.

Check it out:

It has every cute combination there .. the kids swimsuit zaful are very, very cute .. the children love the prints and models available there, all with very current themes so they are also in fashion.

The white bikinis or swimsuits are super high, these are in the adult version, but also has several models in the children's version as well. I think very top the models white bikini top, I think even very charming.

Zaful girls swimwear here for you to check out..these are two more models beach kids fashion. The floral and the pineapple are still high, and are super beautiful, imagine in the babys, is a grace of so sweet, cute and beautiful.

The purple swimsuit zaful is super high also this summer 2018, the pastel tones are so charming, that I get to be enchanted, not to mention that this tone is my favorite tone of all colors. It is a love the pastel tones. Without counting all the models available in Zaful, one more beautiful than the other, some are very minimalist, which is very gringa even and is well fashionable, others have many details that make all the difference ..

The beach fashion in zaful is incredible, not to mention the prices that are great .. there are several sizes available in each model, just choose yours and raze on the beach, swimming pool ..

I hope you liked it, because this is just a preview of what you have there ... enjoy the children's beach section, it's very cute.


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  1. Olá lindona, parabéns pelas dicas e lindo blog!

    O que acha de nos seguirmos? Se gostar da ideia, por favor se inscreva no me canal no YouTube e deixe uma mensagem para que eu saiba, irei retribuir imediatamente, lhe seguindo no blog, youtube, pinterest, google+, etc!


    Pense com carinho, Beijos!!


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